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About Us

A leader in its field, SGBJ Leasing Company is a 100% owned subsidiary of Société Générale de Banque –Jordanie.
The company offers leasing solutions targeting public and private working forces, self-employed, professionals, and businesses of all sizes, in addition to all other parties with lending capacity.

Our Vision

• To deliver innovative and up-to-date financial services at the satisfaction of the clients’ needs.
• To support the various economic activities and encourage the expansion and modernization processes.

Our Mission

To become a pioneer leasing solutions provider in the Jordanian market.

What is leasing?

Leasing is one of the highly flexible financing means of fixed assets either private (consuming/retail) or productive (commercial) fixed assets, as follows:
• You choose the assets from a selected supplier/provider of your own.
• SGBJ Leasing Company buys it and leases it to you for the contract duration against a predetermined periodic lease/rent payment.
• You become the sole owner of the asset at the end of the contract and after full reimbursement of lease/rent payments.
• In addition, the ownership of the leased asset can be arranged to take place during the leasing contract.

Who Can Benefit From Leasing Solutions

Any public or private sector employee, professional, free-lancer, enterprise and corporation with a valid income source. Examples include:
• Individuals.
• Construction Sector.
• Transport Sector.
• Health Sector.
• Education Sector.
• Industrial / Manufacturing sector.
• Other Sectors.

Advantages of Leasing (Why Leasing?)

• No mortgage/pledge fees, as the assets registered at the name of SGBJ Leasing Company.
• Competitive financing ratio (can reach up to 100%) and competitive cost of financing.
• Collaterals, third party guarantees or salary domiciliation are not essential.
• Contractual durations that match the productive/operative lifetime of the leased asset.
• Flexible reimbursement methods (e.g. seasonal, balloon) that match the cash flow generated by assets or the cash flow of the lessee.
• Leasing helps in maintaining other financing resources of the corporations to ensure the smooth continuity of the operations cycle and WC financing.
• In case of leasing machineries & equipment, they can be imported than locally purchased, yet the special “investment exemption treat” –if any- can be endorsed to SGBJ Leasing Company at the best interest of the customer.
• Special fees exemptions and tax benefits exclusive to leasing (according to valid laws).

Eligible Assets for Leasing

• Land Transportation Means (Private Cars, Rent Cars, Distribution Vehicles, Buses, …..)
• Real estates (Personal Accommodations, Apartments, Clinics, Shops, Offices, Warehouses, Hangers, ……),
• Real estate Development for developers (residential buildings, commercial buildings, medical buildings, ..).
• Industrial Equipment & Machineries for corporations (e.g. production lines), and for Professionals (e.g. workshops and labs machineries).
• Medical equipment & machineries.
• Contractors & Constructors equipment (bulldozers, excavators, …..).
• Marine Transportation Means (boats, Yachts,…..) and Aviation Transportation Means (Jets, Cargo Equipment,…..).
• Wide array of other Fixed Assets (Gymnastic Equipment, Green Energy Equipment, Educational Equipment, …..).
• Sales & Leaseback of preowned fixed assets.