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Real Estate Leasing

Leasing provides flexible financing solutions suitable to help everyone to own their property rather than renting it, and subsequently, turning the rent expense into a long-term investment. Moreover, properties acquired via financial leasing can be sold during the lease contract duration without bearing ownership transfer fees upon sepcial arrangements.
As well as, Leasing provides tailor-made financing for real estate devleopers that are dressed for each project depending on its projected cash flows and duration, not to mention the flixibility in granting and disbrusment procedures. On the other hand, leasing has special advantages of registration fees and some taxes waivers for the devleopers and the buyers under certain conditions.
  1. Financial Leasing of accommodations (apartments, villas, luxurious villas, studios, & chalets), either bought or constructed.
  2. Financial Leasing of commercial properties (offices, shops, & stores), either bought or constructed.
  3. Financial Leasing of lands as net worth investment or for the construction of accommodations.
  4. Financial Leasing of real estate developers to construct housing and commercial projects with repayment schemes that are coherent to each project’s projected cash flows.