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Transportation Leasing

SGBJ Leasing Company offers you fiancial leasing solutions for wide array of transportaiton means, new and second-hand, either for personal use (consumer) or for investment, offered to individuals and corporations, with financing ratios that can reach up to (100%).
SGBJ Leasing Company also offers to include the annual cost of insurance, maintenacne contract, and licensing fees within the lease payment to save effort and time and better match of cash flows.
On the other hand, leasing of transportaiton means can be with the “option-to-buy” rather than “lease-to- own” upon the customer’s request and the company’s approval, and predetermined conditions.
  1. Financial Leasing of personal-use vehicles.
  2. Financial Leasing of commercial-use vehicles including rental cars, trucks, staff and students transportation vehicles, and goods distribution cars.  
  3. Financial Leasing of marine transportation vessels either for personal use or commercial use like boats, yachts, and ships.
  4. Financial Leasing of aviation transportation either for personal use or commercial use like private jets and commercial airplanes.